Look Younger & More Attractive With Professional Whitening

Dental stains can develop from multiple sources. Your diet, lifestyle choices, and even the natural aging process all play a role. Though numerous whitening products fill the store shelves, they fall short of professional treatments. At our practice, you can choose from in-house or at-home treatment options. With professional whitening, you’ll reap rewards you won’t find with store-bought products:

  • Quick Results – Our professional-grade whitening solutions tackle stubborn stains that store-bought kits can’t help. With higher concentrations of active ingredients, you’ll see a dramatic difference. Plus, our in-office treatment will give you a radiant smile in just about one hour.
  • Personalized Care –  Your comfort and safety are our priorities. Your dental team will guide you through the entire process. We’re always available to address any questions or concerns that arise. Plus, whether you use at-home or in-office treatments, your gums will remain protected.
  • Comprehensive Makeover – Whitening is just the beginning. If you’re looking for a total smile makeover, your dentist can help. They will design a customized treatment plan addressing multiple cosmetic concerns, including discoloration, misalignment, or damage.
  • Long-Lasting Results –  Your professional treatments not only whiten more effectively, they also provide longer-lasting results. Our team will equip you with personalized aftercare instructions and touch-up recommendations. This will help you maintain your bright smile for many months.

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