Find an Implant Option for Any Number of Missing Teeth

Missing teeth can take a toll on your self-esteem, nutrition, and oral health. Dental implants offer a long-term and reliable solution that restores both function and health to your smile. If you are beginning your implant journey, you’ll appreciate the care and attention from our team, led by Dr. Scott A. Babin. We provide outstanding, ethical dentistry that truly changes lives.

In addition to our advanced techniques, our practice has invested in advanced technology like 3-D imaging and computer-guided implant technology. This ensures precise, comfortable treatment planning and execution. Plus, your dentist can create many restorations, such as dental crowns, right in our office. You can potentially receive your implant and new tooth in a single visit.

Whether you’re missing a single tooth or a full arch of teeth, you’ll find a wide range of implant options:

  • Single Implant with Crown – Replace one missing tooth with a custom-crafted, lifelike dental crown anchored to a single implant. This solution looks and functions just like a natural tooth.
  • Implant-Supported Bridge – Restore multiple missing teeth in a row with a stable, durable bridge anchored to implants. Unlike traditional bridges, no modification of healthy teeth is needed.
  • Implant Dentures – You won’t have to deal with ill-fitting dentures. Your implant dentures remain secure on top of implants. They provide enhanced stability, so you can eat more of the foods you want. Unlike traditional dentures, they also help prevent bone loss in your jaw.

Ensuring Optimal Jawbone Health for Implant Success

The success of dental implants relies on a strong, healthy jawbone to anchor them in place. During your initial consultation, your dentist will use advanced imaging technology to assess your jawbone density and determine if you’re a candidate for implants. If your jawbone has deteriorated due to prolonged tooth loss or only wearing dentures, don’t worry. Your dentist can recommend dental surgery that will create a strong foundation for your implants. Your dentist may suggest:

  • Bone grafting to strengthen areas where your jawbone is thin or weak
  • Sinus lifts if you need more room and bone strength in your upper jaw to support implants
  • Ridge augmentation to reshape your jaw to prepare for implant placement

Our team will go the extra mile to make sure you feel comfortable. Sedation options are available if you need help remaining calm during the procedure.

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