Restore Your Healthy Smile With an Extraction Procedure

Extraction is rarely your dentist’s first recommendation. However, sometimes it’s the best path to a healthier smile. Before considering removal, your dentist will explore all possible restorative options. Depending on where the infection is, they may consider a root canal, gum disease treatment, or a dental crown to treat tooth decay.

If extraction becomes necessary, we’ll make sure you are comfortable throughout the entire procedure. You’ll appreciate our soothing environment. Plus, your mouth will remain numb while we restore your smile. Sedation options are also available, if needed. You can choose mild laughing gas or oral sedation. Once you’ve healed, you’ll return to our office to explore your tooth replacement options:

  • Implant Crown Your dentist can pair a custom-made crown with an implant to resemble the look and function of your natural tooth, including the tooth roots. You’ll gain back your natural bite and can take care of the tooth like normal.
  • Implant Bridge – An implant bridge won’t need to use neighboring teeth for support. By anchoring your bridge to implants, you can expect greater stability and functionality. You can eat the foods you love without worry.
  • Dental Bridge – You can get a traditional bridge, if you prefer a non-implant option. Your dentist will need to place crowns on nearby teeth to support it. This restoration will blend in with your natural smile.
  • Dentures – If your tooth removal is part of a procedure to replace all or most of your teeth, your dentist will continue with your treatment plan. Full or partial dentures will close any gaps in your smile. Your new teeth can be anchored to implants for the most lifelike feel and function.

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