Give Your Gumline a Boost With Cosmetic Procedures

A beautiful smile isn’t just about having pearly white teeth. Your gums also play an important part in how your smile looks. Before your dentist moves forward with any treatment, they will first make sure your gums are in top condition. If you show any signs of infection, we may recommend gum disease treatment.

At our office you’ll find cosmetic procedures to:

  • Prepare for Crowns or Veneers – If your teeth appear too short, your dentist may need to perform cosmetic gum surgery. They will carefully adjust your gumline to prepare for your dental crown or veneers. Your restoration will fit and look perfect.
  • Even Out Your Gumline – Your dentist will use a laser to reshape an uneven or misshapen gumline. This procedure will be comfortable thanks to the laser technology. You’ll also heal much quicker.
  • Remove Excess Gum Tissue –  If you have a gummy smile, your dentist can also use a laser to remove excess gum tissue. You will achieve a fuller smile that creates a better balance of teeth and gums.

During your procedure, your mouth will be numbed so you don’t feel anything. However, you can also receive sedation if you feel nervous. After you have achieved a more attractive gumline, you may be interested in other cosmetic procedures to enhance your teeth. Consider teeth whitening or tooth bonding to give your smile that Hollywood look.

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