We Use a Gentle Laser to Ensure Your Comfort

During a frenectomy, your dentist removes the frenum, a small fold of tissue that can cause oral health problems. We use a gentle laser for the procedure, which offers several advantages over traditional surgical methods:

  • Minimal Discomfort – The soft-tissue laser is gentle on delicate mouth tissues, providing a calmer, more positive treatment experience and a faster recovery.
  • Precise Results – The laser targets only the necessary tissue, preserving healthy tissue.
  • Faster Healing – The laser seals blood vessels as it works, minimizing bleeding and swelling. No stitching is needed, so you can return to your normal activities quickly.
  • Fewer Post-Operative Infections – The laser sterilizes the treatment area, reducing the risk of infection.

We can numb your mouth with local anesthesia. If you’re nervous, you can also receive laughing gas or take an oral sedative before the procedure.

Your dentist may recommend a frenectomy if you have:

  • Speech Problems – If the frenum restricts tongue movement and affects speech, a frenectomy can help improve clarity.
  • Orthodontic Concerns – A tight frenum can interfere with tooth alignment and movement during orthodontic treatment. Removing the frenum can enhance the effectiveness of orthodontics.
  • Periodontal Health Issues – A prominent frenum can contribute to gum recession and increase the risk of gum disease. Addressing this issue can improve overall gum health.
  • Uncomfortable Dentures – A frenectomy can improve the comfort and fit of dentures.

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