Maintain a Healthy Smile With Our Preventive Dentistry Services

Our dental team focuses on catching problems in their early stages or preventing them from happening in the first place. When you come in for your regular checkup, we offer personalized care based on your unique oral health needs. You’ll benefit from our advanced technology, like digital X-rays and intraoral cameras. This gives your dentist a detailed look at the condition of your teeth and gums so they can provide precise diagnoses.

Our preventive dentistry services include:

  • Cleanings and Exams – Our cleanings and exams will help you maintain your smile’s health. Your dental team uses advanced techniques, such as laser bacterial reduction and Closys oral health rinses, for a thorough and effective cleaning.
  • Dry Mouth Treatment – If you have dry mouth, your dentist will identify the underlying cause. Depending on their findings, they may suggest our in-office Clinpro product line or options from Biotene to give you much-needed relief.
  • Bad Breath Treatment – If you’re struggling with persistent bad breath, your dentist will develop a personalized treatment plan to treat the issue. You’ll gain a fresher smile with our in-office solutions and at-home tips.
  • Gum Disease Treatment – If you show symptoms of gum disease, your dentist will use one or more solutions to restore your gum health. Your treatment plan may include a combination of a deep cleaning procedure, antibacterial irrigation, laser therapy, or topical antibiotics.

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