Replenish Your Gumline With a Grafting Procedure

If you are dealing with a receding gumline,  your dentist may suggest gum grafting. This procedure not only enhances your smile’s appearance but also significantly improves your oral health. However, before we proceed, your dentist will ensure your gums are free from infection. If necessary, they’ll perform one of our many gum disease treatments to restore its health.

Once your smile is ready, your dentist will graft in gum material sourced from your own oral tissue, a donor, or biocompatible synthetic materials. We prioritize your comfort by using local anesthesia to numb your mouth. Sedation options are also available.

You’ll experience numerous benefits from this procedure:

  • Improved Comfort – Grafting can reduce sensitivity from exposed roots. You can enjoy hot or cold foods and drinks without discomfort.
  • More Attractive Smile – While not primarily a cosmetic procedure, grafting restores a balanced gumline. It boosts your smile’s appearance and your confidence.
  • Better Oral Health – By covering exposed roots, it reduces the risk of decay and other oral health issues.

Your dentist will recommend gum grafts only when it’s the most suitable option for your dental health. After the procedure, you’ll gain comprehensive guidance on maintaining your gum health, ensuring long-lasting results from your treatment.

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