Trust Our Experienced Team for Your Sinus Lift Procedure

If you are pursuing dental implant placement in your upper jaw, your dentist will need to ensure you are a candidate for the procedure. Your dentist will begin with a thorough exam to determine if a sinus lift is needed. This procedure creates more space in the area and stronger bone to support implants. If it’s necessary, your dentist will use advanced 3-D imaging and digital X-rays to plan your treatment. Then, they will gently raise the sinus area and add bone material to create the proper foundation for implants.

While we numb your mouth so you won’t feel anything, you can also receive sedation if you’d like. Once your mouth has healed, you can move forward with your implant procedure. If you are pursuing a complete-arch replacement option, our practice offers implant dentures. These replacement teeth offer numerous benefits:

  • More Enjoyable Meals – You can enjoy a wider variety of foods without restriction. Bite into crunchy apples, munch on raw vegetables, or savor your favorite steak without worry.
  • Improved Stability – You no longer have to deal with denture adhesives. Your new teeth are securely anchored to dental implants, eliminating slippage and discomfort.
  • Natural Function – The implant-denture combination mimics the structure of natural teeth. You gain a more comfortable and familiar oral function
  • Preserved Jaw Bone – Unlike traditional dentures, implants help stimulate and maintain jaw bone density. You’ll protect your facial structure and protect your jawbone health.

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