Feel Better About Social Interactions Thanks to Fresher Breath

Whether you make an appointment to specifically address this problem, or our dental team notices during your checkup, we take a comprehensive approach to addressing bad breath issues. Your dentist will begin with a thorough exam to identify the root cause of your halitosis. While lifestyle choices, medications, and health issues can trigger this problem, it can also be caused by an oral health issue. Depending on what is happening with your smile, your dentist will recommend:

  • Helpful Products – Your dentist will guide you to the most effective products designed to combat bad breath. Incorporating these products in your daily routine will keep your mouth fresh.
  • Thorough Cleanings – If it’s been a while since your last checkup, sometimes the solution to your bad breath is a deep cleaning. Your hygienist will meticulously remove built-up bacteria and plaque, which is often the root cause of persistent bad breath. You’ll leave with a mouth that feels as fresh as it smells.
  • Necessary Treatments – Sometimes, bad breath is a symptom of underlying dental issues. Your exam will reveal any hidden problems like gum disease or cavities. If any issues are spotted, your dentist will provide treatments that will lead to naturally freshened breath.
  • At-Home Care Improvements – Your dental team will share insider tips and tricks to transform your oral care routine. You’ll receive customized advice on often easy-to-miss routines, such as cleaning your tongue and more thorough flossing and brushing techniques.

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